My ceramic work
Some good, some bad, some period, some not.  Still learning, all feedback welcomed.
If at first you don't succeed, try again.
After three hours of applying applique leaves to this pot, I ruin the whole thing by failing to test the glaze FIRST.  Two firings later and it will not achieve more than a green tint in the glaze. 
I'm happier with the color of this one.  It is a commercial clear green glaze.  But the shape of the jug ended up a lot squatter than intended.  I was aiming for the same look as the one from the british museum.
Not a period piece. But designed to allow me to serve warm soup/stew for an A&S cooking competition in a pretier vessel than a slow cooker and keep it warm.  Pug handled bowl over perforated bowl.  Commercial glazes, walnut spice over Rhodes Brown. 
Based on the piece from the V&A museum.  This coin bank ended up squatter than intended, but it is already in use.  Some day soon I will have to break into it.
This is an earthernware coil pot, about 50" high.  Burnished and smoke fired.  Inspired in part by roman pieces but not based on a particular one.
One of my (many) attempts at a decent goblet.  One day I'll learn how to throw the stem onto the cup properly without warping everything.  Commercial glaze, blue with clear green overglaze.
I'm quite happy with this set, becuase I was aiming for a usable jug and mug, not a particular "look".  Commercial glazes: redwood brushed over robins egg. 
Sometimes I have nothing better to do with my time.  Slab built square box.  Decorated by using wax resist and commercial engobes on leatherhard clay.  About 1 hour of decoartion per side.