LXXI. Sambugado zoè lacte   con fior de sambuco.
Se tu voy fare sambugato, toy lacte de pecora che sia chiara, toy fiore de sambugo e metilo a moglio in quello late e lasalo a moglo azay, poi lo cola. Per una quarta de late vole XII ove e batille insieme, poi  mitillo a bolire e vardalo dal fumo.
Recipe taken from Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco (14th/15th c.).

LXXI. Elderflower dish, that is milk with flowers of Elder.
If you want to make Sambugado, take elderflowers and soak them in fresh sheeps milk.  And let them soak enough, then strain the milk.  For a "quarta" of milk one wants 12 eggs.  Beat them all together then put to boil and guard from smoke.
* - quarta - an unknown quantity of milk.  Given that a modern egg custard recipe calls for 3 eggs per pint it would put the measurement at a quart.

Redacted recipe
3 Tablespoons dried Elderflowers
¼ cup sugar
3 cups milk
5 eggs

Soak the dried Elderflowers in milk overnight.  Next day put the milk and elderflowers in a pan and raise heat gently to simmering.  Meanwhile, beat eggs and sugar together.
Strain the milk into a clean jug and add slowly to the eggs while mixing completely.
Strain the custard mix into a lightly greased bowl and place in a bain marie (a dish filled with hot water, in which the custard bowl sits) in a 350°F oven for 30 - 40 minutes until set.
Remove from oven.  Allow to cool and refrigerate.  Serve cold.

Translated 2003 by Lady Helewyse de Birkestad, CW.  You may use/ distribute this version for non-profit use only (scholarly, private use) provided that this information is included.  Contact me by email at helewyse@yahoo.com